Friday, June 18, 2010


Did you know our St. George family are now cowboys?!
Lexi is in heaven with all the animals!
Not only did they get horses but a PONY and a BABY PONY!
AND cows and chickens.
Kirsten Gines is now doing photography and is AMAZING!
She took these pic's at "the prop" where their animals are.
chasinsmilesphotography by kirsten gines

I can't believe our babies are getting so big :)
I am going to register Lexi for Kinder today and I am sad and excited for her.
She started reading and it is so cute and crazy!
If i were to describe BRODY in two words it would be...
We definately love him. He keeps us running!

We feel so lucky to be able to have kids! It is a dream come true for me...somedays a bad dream, but still a dream :) They are our world and we love them.


Cammi said...

I bet Lex is in Heaven with horses!! Holy cow thats fun! And again the pics turned out sooo good!

Ben and Heidi said...

I am so glad to see you posting.. those pictures are darling she did an awesome job. Your kids are getting so big I miss you

Matt and Marti Jo said...

wow look at you little miss two posts in three days. I love it! But not as much as i love me two favorite kids in the world!!!

Aunt Debi said...

I'm so glad to have you blog again! I've missed hearing about you and the fam. Your kids have really grown up! The look adorable! I hope we will see you at the reunion. Love, Aunt Debi

Wright Place said...

2 very cute kids that is for sure!! You are a very lucky mama!!

Leslie said...

Cute cute! Keep posting! Love you guys.

Croslands said...

Those pictures of your kids are beautiful. Of course it helps the photographer that you have adorable kids.

Channing: said...

i love love them pictures and love mexi fri and hotdog such cute kids... so glad they are apart of my neices and nephews!