Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is really crazy how fast babies grow!
It blows me away that our little Lexi is starting to read and that she will soon be
in kindergarten. I have so many mixed exciting and so sad.
We love her and love how much her little personality adds to our family.
How Sweet is this!?

Kami Lexi Grandma
Grandma painted Lexi's fingers and toes while I did her hair.
We had a great little spa happening in the kitchen until Lexi burned her
little hand on the flat iron. It is true...Beauty is Pain!

We were so proud of Lexi she knew all the words to the songs and
did the actions perfectly. She even managed to smile...which can be hard
for her sometimes :) She loved singing! Lucky for us, she was in the front row.

John and I teared up a few times but we made it through the program.
The miracle song is the one that gets me every time she sings it!
"Oh what a miracle, every little part of me
I'm so special , so very special"

Uncle Colten was also impressed with her performance!
Brody is attacking Lexi...I was going to crop this picture but I left him in
because anyone who knows Brody would know exactly what is happening here.
I bet you can even hear the little growling noise that he does.

Age 4 is such a fun age. I wish I could freeze time and just enjoy Lexi more.
Lexi is so excited to learn and so funny. I love waking up in the morning and
hearing her tell me about her dreams. I love the excitement in her face when
she learns something new and is proud of herself. The other day she told me she felt the
Holy Ghost. It is so fun to see her drawings and how she sees the world. Sometimes it is scary how much she is like me! Luckily she has some of her Dad mixed in too.

Lexi has lots of people who love her very much!
Grandma, Grandpa, Colten, and Kami were able to come to graduation.
Dan, Sue, Katie, Kelly, and Colleen were also able to come but they left before the photo shoot.

Backstage excitement! You can't see in this picture but her toenails
are bright accent her cap and gown.
She is so cute!

I can't possible say enough about how great Miss Angela is. She cared about Lexi and made her pre school experience the best that it could be. When Lexi started Creative Kids she had never been away from me so it was hard for her to understand why I wasn't always with her. We are so lucky to have Angela and I thank her for loving her, and for teaching her to always do her best and that her best is good enough. We love you!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Did you know our St. George family are now cowboys?!
Lexi is in heaven with all the animals!
Not only did they get horses but a PONY and a BABY PONY!
AND cows and chickens.
Kirsten Gines is now doing photography and is AMAZING!
She took these pic's at "the prop" where their animals are.
chasinsmilesphotography by kirsten gines

I can't believe our babies are getting so big :)
I am going to register Lexi for Kinder today and I am sad and excited for her.
She started reading and it is so cute and crazy!
If i were to describe BRODY in two words it would be...
We definately love him. He keeps us running!

We feel so lucky to be able to have kids! It is a dream come true for me...somedays a bad dream, but still a dream :) They are our world and we love them.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WAHOO...Cousins in Vegas!

Incase you haven't heard...we have more family in Vegas now! The Lee's moved here over the weekend and we have had lots of fun already :) We visited the splash pad today and enjoyed TACO TUESDAY!