Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trish is finally HOME!

We went to Boise for Valentines Day to visit Trish. It was amazing to see her progress. It was fun to see her personality showing through. She loves her grandkids. She has come a long way and is still moving forward. She is so happy to be home!

Jeff is such a great man. He is taking great care of his sweetheart. The kids loved going to see them. Trish is very worried about her hair growing back and she wants it light again, but i think she looks cute.

Trish walks a lot, actually all of the time. Even if she is standing in one place she is moving her feet. The kids loved that because they are the same way : )

While we were in Boise we were able to spend time with Ross and Judy who were there visiting Jim, Leslie, and Tralee. It was an adventure as usual...John's Dad always makes things exciting. This is Jim, Ross, and John ice skating on Lake Lowell.

Lexi Jo and Brody had so much fun with Grandpa Ross and Grandma Judy.

This picture was taken before the police escorted them off of the ice.

Catching up... FInally!

The past few months have been kind of crazy. So here is a quick update on what we have been doing. We spent Christmas in Salt Lake with Trish in the was a really neat experience. We went to the Christmas lights at the temple with Marti Jo, Matt, Joni, Cammi, Adrienne and coby. We were able to spend a snowy night with Brent and Ashley and it was fun to get to know them. A big thanks to Jeff and Tamara for all their love and support. Marti Jo and Matt were life savers...they practically took care of our kids the entire month of December. We love you guys! We had a couple snow days in St. George so we went sledding with our friends...It was great. I almost broke my moms neck...sorry mom! We have realized that we have the best family and friends that anyone could ask for...this includes our ward!