Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dumont Sand Dunes

Brody is fallen for Suzy just like his Dad!
Bro didn't want to get off ever. He loves being outside and going fast.
It was the Best of times and the worst of times...
Lexi and Abrie didn't want to go home. Why do you have to wear seatbelts in the motorhome?
The motorhome turned into a club on our way home.
If you want to see sweet dance moves just as me or Heather!

Sadee, Heather and Me
The sandrail was the BEST! Trent and Norm gave us the ride of a Lifetime!
Gettin' ready to CRUISE! Playing tag at the dunes was a lot of Fun!

Johnny with the kids! He is the best DAD!

All 3 kids had perma-grin as long as they were moving!
Hang on .... Sid's DRIVING

Halloween Fun

Tavie, Allie, Brody, Lexi, and Abrie at the High School Trick-r-treat:)
Lexi was so shy and everyone thought Brody was a girl...He is so CUTE!
Brody and his Aunt Kami
This little chicken didn't even let the candy in bucket... just in his mouth. Me and my Tall LOVER.
John was the fun one, as usual, and I was the one chasing the kids...
He was too busy posing for random pics.

Lexi makes a cute witch instead of scary!!
She loves the mean old witch song ans sings it soooo cute!

The Marathon

St. George Marathon

The Marathon was FREEZING!!

John was at almost every stop with treats for us and cute signs.

Cassi Lexi and Mom! CHAMPIONS!
At the Finish line 7 hours later:(
Our Fan Club...I have awesome friends!!!
ALMOST done, we had to stop for a quick visit with Tara and Heather.

This is what real athletes feet look like after they run or WALK
26.2 miles! I think hiking the SUBWAY the week before also contributed!